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The studios & apartments mylos Alexandra – anemomylos are built next to the traditional windmill of 1850 built by the grandfather of the Papadakis family.

Their location, built on the sea and away from the road, guarantees visitors a calm and carefree vacation close to the natural beauty of the Cretan land overlooking the Libyan Sea.



Sfakia is a historical region of Crete. It was one of the most unconquerable areas in Greece. It is surrounded by the steep slopes of the White Mountains and the numerous gorges that are formed in them, with the most famous ones of Samaria and Imbros.

The fortress that is built in Frangokastello, was built in 1347 by the Venetians. In the revolution against the Turks in 1828, 600 Greeks faced 8000 Turks fighting for a week inside the castle. The battle ended with the defeat of the Greeks and today the castle stands to remind its blood-stained history, which is revived every year through the legend of the Drosoulites.

Apart from their brave soul, the people of Sfakion are very hospitable people, willing to welcome you and accompany you on a journey in their historical tradition.

  • Priviliged location in Fragkokastelo
  • High customer satisfaction
  • Unparalleded service
  • Old world charm, modern comfort
  • Free Wifi
  • Delicious breakfast
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